Power Fuel and Rudolph!

Man oh Man… I just finished a killer 2.5 hour workout in the gym. I haven’t worked out like that since first year Undergraduate. Wow. I felt like I was on Amphetamines or something. I’ll probably do a post on this later but all I can say is “Merry Christmas Eve”!

The day started off well, I got up around 5 (I’ve clearly been reading WAY too much of PbFingers!) The gym wasn’t open yet so I spent the morning watching Youtube vids of Workout supplement reveiws. I’m in the market for a good pre workout supplement and yesterday, at Vitamin Shoppe (which is WAY better than GNC IMHO) the guy gave me samples of every freaking thing on the market.

Today, I started off with a sample of Twin Labs Power Fuel (get it? Powerful? Hardy har har—har?)

Power Fuel

Breakfast...Ray Lewis Style

I don’t look like that…Yet.

What the Carolina Basketball Team must be drinking Pre Game

It turned the water Carolina Blue. Nice touch!

Update: I wrote an entire post and somehow after publishing, it erased the last half of it. So what you see before was not originally written. I apologise since I don’t really feel like retyping the whole thing over again. Note to self–stop using IE8

I’ll put it to you like this, this stuff gave me wings in the Gym. I felt like I could do anything. Anything at all. I wound up doing 2 Cardio Circuits and running 3 miles. That’s a LOT of exercise and Atypical for me.

According to the site:  Inspired by the passion of legendary football star Ray Lewis, this pre-training formula is designed to help get you in ‘the ZONE’ – the perfect intersection of intensity, strength, stamina, focus and electric energy that helps you achieve a maximum state of peak performance.* Become POWER FUEL.

I highly recommend this stuff but do not recommend the 2 scoops. 1 is more than enough.

I’m sorry– I feel bad, I had a whole post out with pictures, links and everything. All gone. But just trust, it’s an awesome product if you’re looking for a little something extra to add to your workouts!

Now, time for one of my favorite Christmas songs. As a child I would listen to this and my mother and sisters would dance to this and laugh. I hope it does the same for you!

I’m off to find some Eggnog Pancakes!

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