Into the Zuzka Light!

Day in and day out, the most popular post on this site consistently is the one I did some time ago on Body Rock, and their blatant use of Sexual innuendo in order to gain viewership.

I’ve haven’t really known what to do with that information. At least not until I stumbled upon this little gem.

Zuzana Light…the original Body Rocker. She was married to the male Body Rocker, Freddy, whom you see in the current iteration of the program. Until of course, they got divorced (as a gentle aside, I’m still not sure what that post is actually saying other than “We realized we’re friends, so we divorced. But wouldn’t you want to be friends with your spouse? That’s neither here nor there). Since then, Freddy has moved on to Lisa-Marie and the two are officially dating. (which is also kinda weird in and of itself, since it’s only 5 month after his separation was announced but that’s neither here nor there, either).

It’s no secret that while on BodyRock, Zuzana posed in the same sexual manner that we see of Lisa.

It’s actually not that shocking when I discovered that a simple search for her Facebook page revealed that Zuzana is in fact a former porn star named Susana Spears.

The line in the fitness industry between sex and fitness is a thin one, but BodyRock has melded the two together in a marketable format for savoring eye candy and getting your fit on…and they may actually be the smartest one of us. Think of it…take a porn star, who already has quite a fan base, tone her down into a fitness model/ trainer. Unleash on Youtube.

It is actually one of the most brilliant marketing ideas I’ve run across in the fitness industry.

Normally, fitness ads only ever hint at sex or are suggestive of it.

How many people tuned in to the first iteration of this show after realizing a former adult star was the lead?

Darkness before the Light

But looking beneath the surface a somewhat recent piece by the Huffington Post tells a story, not of a sex vixen looking to use her wiles to ensnare hapless victims into subscribing to her channel for T&A. Instead, we see the very real results of what the sex industry can do to a woman, who is used, then spit out until the next hot woman comes along. For all the hours spent in front of cameras

In the article, Zuzana states how a life in porn “almost killed her”. European girls (Zuzana is Czech) are spit out at a fast rate as they are sold into a life before the camera. Some will escape. Most will become prostitutes, drug addicted, alcoholic and forgotten and abused on a daily basis.

Zuzana, showing bravery but with a smile that seeks to hide her pain states that she got away and found new life in fitness. She owns her past and her attempts at survival while candidly stating that she regrets her past life in porn.

The danger with an industry that only looks at women as sex objects is that it ignores the role that fitness played in that woman’s life, besides getting those buns of steel. Fitness, literally saved her life and as a result of that we are blessed by her presence every day as we strive to be as fit as she is. Doing Tabata style workouts? Easy. Escaping a life of literal sex slavery? Not so easy. But she did it. And every day her smile inspires other to lose weight within 10 minutes a day.

Zuzana’s story is compelling and should push us to value women for more than their measurements. Or their past. By escaping the sex industry, she has both a story to tell and life to emulate. Too many woman are stuck there and will meet their demise on the streets.

Of course fitness models are sexy. But that sexiness may betray a story deeper than you could ever understand.

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  1. I knew of her past and after reading the Huffington post article, I am MORE a fan of hers. We all have a past. I respect her for being honest about hers. And her body is freakingfantabulous!

    • That conversation we had on Twitter actually inspired this post. I realized that I actually like Zuzka a LOT more than Lisa Marie for some reason. This world’s dirty and no one comes out clean. Awesome comment.

      • Could not agree with this more. Zuzana just rocks and I would normally never say that of a former porn star. I like her so much better than Lisa Marie.

  2. Thank you for this post! I love Zuzka. I was lucky to have found bodyrock while she was still the host and, while her amazing body made me click on the videos, her charm and personality brought me back. I will always adore her for teaching me about HIIT workouts.
    Watching the Light’s travel vlogs, I couldn’t understand what she saw in Fredddy. He seemed like a total douchebag to me, and I always suspected that he was barely more than a pimp.
    No matter what sob story he puts out on bodyrock or facebook (intimating that HE was the victim), I know that he was the one taking advantage of Zuzka and I’m happy that she’s free of his control.
    I’m thrilled with her new endeavors (love the ZWOWs – she looks so happy and healthy) and I wish her the best of luck. I have over 100 of her old (amazing) workouts saved on my computer so I don’t even bother going to the bodyrock site anymore. The last thing I want to do is put money in Freddy’s pocket by giving him the traffic.

  3. Matt Jagger says:

    Zuzana Light is not a reformed porn star and she’s not “helping Easter Europen girls” caught in the porn industry, since her website seems quite active, she continues using her porn-like poses to attract fans to her fitness channel, and she parades half naked publicly.

    • Is that site current? I thought those were movies from years ago before she decided to leave the industry? I ran across it when I started writing this article, but I obviously need to further investigate.

    • The site isn’t current. You can tell because she looks different now. The videos and pictures on the site are old. Now her hair is different and she is way more muscular now. As far as the live chats, they aren’t video chats. It could be anyone typing claiming to be her. Unfortunately she doesn’t own her porn videos so the company can keep showing them. Since Zuzana is currently trying to get endorsement deals, there is no way she could still keep doing porn.

  4. The site is from 2007. The photos are older than that. I love her fitness videos and admittedly have researched her porn quite a bit, as well.
    Matt Jagger is mistaken and she is very public about her porn PAST.

  5. I ran across that site too when I was trying to find out where Zuzka went. I did some bodyrock mid-2011, stopped and just came back to it recently. I of course wondered where she had gone and started investigating, then I got sucked into the wormhole of the divorce, gossip and who she was before bodyrock. I think that site is “active” in the sense that no one has taken it down. It still says copyright 2007 at the bottom of the home page. I think she has left the porn world behind for good, thank goodness for her.

  6. Ido not understand the connection between fitness and major surgery to force foreign objects into your chest

  7. yall sound stupid. thats not consider porn to me if all of her videos is solo with only her!

    • Mike- Obviously you aren’t enough of a porn aficionado, but I will be happy to break this down for you.There is something called soft-core porn or soft porn. Definitions may vary, but essentially porn is “soft-core” when you see naked individuals, one or two, there is no scientific, artistic, literary, or political value to the images and yet the image stops short of showing the “ultimate sex acts”, masturbation, excretory functions, and “lewd exhibition of the genitals”. Hardcore porn is porn which depicts the aforementioned exceptions.
      This definition comes from the Supreme Court decision in Miller v. California, which created the legal standard for porn.
      Her photos and videos, most certainly were pornographic in nature.
      All that being said, so what if she was in porn, or even if she still were (which she isn’t), her fitness videos have given me an amazing six pack, and I don’t care if she is blowing goats in her off hours. She has a great head on her toned shoulders and is an impressive business woman.

      • That’s why I do this. Responses like this. Amongst all the muck of people saying it’s ok. Amongst individuals saying I wrote the article because I am jealous of her body (which is strange enough…she’s a Ukrainian female, I’m an African American male), amid many calling me a “hater” and even oneperson proclaiming I don’t know female revolutionary theory, FINALLY, someone comments with an intelligent statement. Thank you, Dasha. The whole point of the article was that she engaged in soft porn and today has been able to reverse this into a career in fitness. Which is so opposite to much of the fitness industry which borders on soft porn. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your comment. Thank you so much.

      • because there is a SusanaSpears website does not mean she is the one maintaining it or providing the chat……….. the contact info for faxing is out of Seattle and she is based out of California, I believe in the Los Angeles area.

  8. As a Czech girl, I must react to this article. All the articles regarding Zuzana’s past say that “this is a common problem in Eastern Europe (seriously, have you seen the map? We’re as Eastern as Austria…)”. This may be the problem of Ukraine or Romania, but definitely not Czech republic, where the quality of life is comparable to that of countries such as Germany, France or the USA. Whoever falls into such industry should not blame the country, but herself. Czech republic has no such problems, is very socially secure and it is stories as those of Zuzana that bring the Czech republic into an image of a dangerous country. I like Zuzana, I don’t care about her past, I love bodyrock TV, this makes me angry though.

  9. She really has capitalized on the best of both worlds, ie. her sexuality and her workouts. She knows how to do both well. She is a phony though. So in my book, that’s a con. She touts on her webpage that she’s “fighting back” and “not going to take it anymore” type rants when she goes on an on about how Freddie “abused” her emotionally. How he always wanted sex from her and she just “didn’t want to do it that much.” You can actually feel the tears rolling down her face. Seriously? Who is buying her crap? She’s telling this crap to the entire world. Her fans?! HAHAHA. She also tries to con us when she says she had such a hard time finding an investor that didn’t want to show anything but her cleavage. She wanted a “family friendly” site for all to enjoy. Is she kidding? I find her fascinating because she’s so vulnerable and not fooling me. So I just keep watching her put her foot in her mouth when she speaks. She’s an idiot. But she knows how to workout and motivate others. And apparently, she knows how to “F” real good. So yes, best of both worlds. Oh and @Wren. You know, the sad part is that your story of eastern block European and Russian girls is very bad indeed, since the walls came down. But my dear, why would you continue to exploit yourself in a sexual manner once you’re “free” and can make a new life for yourself. Old habits die hard(on)?? You, unfortunately are buying her act. And she is exploiting YOU! To garner sympathy and “job well done” after bringing yourself up out of the chaos and mess of the darker side of life. Don’t make me laugh. She’s a con. A successful one that’s not doing anything (as far as we know) illegal. Call it soft-porn, hard-porn, any-porn you want. It’s all good until you go mainstream and want to become “family-friendly.” Soft-porn is not clean and certainly NOT family-friendly. She has a good snack recipe called Power Balls. Check it out. :) Balls are always yummy as snacks.


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  8. chiropractor says:


    Into the Zuzka Light! – The Orange Mask

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