Supplement Review: GNC Ravage

Today’s supplement is brought to you by the good folks at GNC. Today, we’ll be looking at GNC’s Ravage Pre Workout Supplement.


This bad boy will cost you about $47.00 for a full months serving and that price is standard whether you order online or in the store.

It does have caffeine in it, but is on the “lower” end at 200 mg (about 2 cups worth). The bottle is bright yellow and black.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the actual pour that I did. Suffice to say, their definition of “Orange” flavor is a bit different from mine. It tastes like Carbonated Dayquil. Very medicine-like. Again, a lot of hardcore weightlifters, powerlifters, body builders and those looking for general health don’t care about taste. But coming in at around $50 for a month supply? It needs to satisfy my palate.

You might think I’m a little less, “Excited” than I normally am when I write. Well, you’d be right.

Mid way through my workout something happened–I got “that ole’ feeling”.

You know what’s next.

After running faster than I ever have on any treadmill, I made a beeline for the men’s room. Moments later, whilst bent over the porcelain throne, a wide spreading mist of Orange liquid spray forth from my bowels, escaping my stomach and ejecting itself out from my mouth.

There’s a lot of chemical ingredients on this product. Obviously, 1 or more of them didn’t agree with me.

I do not recommend this product.

Couple Notes:

1) A lot of companies market these products as if you NEED them. You don’t. They are optional, but at the end of the day, a cup of coffee will do you just well. I simply can not justify paying almost $50 for a product. Most of that money is going towards paying celebrity spokesperson or just towards the company. You have to be wise with your money and go into this knowing that at the end of the day, fitness is a business. Companies may not have your best interests at heart. For example… Do a fun test that I did 3 times this past weekend. Go to a Vitamin Shoppe. And to a GNC. Look up Jack3d. Online there might be a sale, but in store, at Vitamin Shoppe, you can get Jack3d for $27.00 while at GNC it’s $44.00. Shop around and be smart. GNC usually charges more for supplements.

2) The idea of Pump – many preworkouts, like Ravage, have all these ingredients on this tub. “Anabolic Muscle Primers” and “N.O. Vasodilation System” and these matrices are supposed to help you “increase your pump (i.e. fullness of the muscle due to blood going through it)” Do not be fooled by fancy names and fancy descriptions. It’s MARKETING designed to make you believe you need something you might not. It’s NOT the drink that gives you pump– IT’S LIFTING HEAVY WEIGHTS FOR SEVERAL REPS THAT GIVE YOU PUMP. Yes, it’s true that some drinks might cause you to experience vasodilation but keep in mind: your body likes to maintain homeostasis at all times. If you make your veins get more blood in the muscle that way, your body is going to try to fight that response and tighten those vessels back up. YOU are going into the gym, you are lifting increasingly heavy weights. In short, you’re doing the work, not the drink.

3) I’m oldschool. In my car at any point in time is either 1980’s classic rock or 1990’s RnB. I’m not smart enough to figure out Facebook. I like to keep it simple. If you’re eating “Choline Bitartrate” and you don’t know what that the @#$% that is or what it does to your body— don’t ingest it.

I’m really enjoying this “cutting through the marketing ploys of Pre-Workouts” on this website but man, I’ve had some wicked experiences. I will continue looking for the “perfect Pre-Workout” supplement but you can count Ravage as a product I won’t be trying again.


  1. […] 1) I had to get the Arctic Berry Blast flavor since they were out of the Raspberry Blue one. It tasted more like “Sock flavored with Citrus juice”. They just need to totally reformulate that whole flavor.  It is horrible. At least twice I almost vomited. That’s only ever happened once before. […]

  2. […] Right as I finished the 5 set on the first workout, it happened. You know what I’m about to say. It’s happened before. […]

  3. […] taste wasn’t that bad…. But “delicious” it is not.  I have tasted worse things… like GNC’s Ravage Ready to Drink Fruit […]

  4. […] I’m actually pretty scared to try this product, honestly. I got this on a deal but I’m not sure how I feel about a product that wants its claim to fame to be that it helps you with your bronchodilation. Is that something I want when I work out? Plus that last sentence? I’ve told you about getting products and you don’t know what the @#$% the ingredients are in them being used. […]

  5. […] went for the Blue Raspberry flavor, which to my surprise was very tasty!  Of course after trying GNC’s Ravage… anything is tasty!  I did notice however, that the first couple of sips were full of flavor, […]

  6. […] will leave it at that. A man has to have a certain standard of what he’ll put into his body. I’ve had bad experiences before and sometimes you can see the danger before it happens.  I need to lose some fat in my lower back […]

  7. […] just a good, clean rush of energy and a solid workout. Shoulders and Tris that day. Now I will say, I did feel nauseated somewhat immediately after ingesting this. 40 minutes into my workout though I was  extremely […]

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